Road Rage

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  • Published : October 28, 2010
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Road Rage Is Worse Today Than Ever 
Road rage is the collective term that emerged in the early 1990s  expressing the aggressive behaviors of drivers . This means that road  rage covers all aggressive actions of drivers regardless of nature and  extent . Examples of road rage include unsafe changing of lanes , tailgating , swerving in and out of traffic , beating the red light and  lack of care for other traffic regulations , speeding in normal or  extreme road or weather conditions , and talking on the phone or doing  something else while driving . Common reasons for aggressive driving are  lateness or limited time to get to the targeted destination and slow or  vehicular traffic causing frustration and stress . In some instances , alcohol intoxication and illicit drug intake together with crime  commission also result to road rage (Wrobleski Hess , 2005 ) The  conceptualization of aggressive driving has evolved as the nature of  aggressive behavior has become increasingly more violent . Foul language  and offensive or violent behavior towards other drivers are now  considered part of road rage (Galovski , Malta Blanchard , 2006 . Road  rage could result in crimes such as physical injuries or even homicide  as well as damage to property . The change in the concept of road rage  based on the examples of aggressive driving behavior before and now , supports the contention that aggressive driving behavior is worse today  than ever .

Differences in the nature of aggressive driving behavior in the past  and at present shows that road rage is indeed worse today . This finds  exemplification in Miami , considered as the worst city for aggressive  driving behavior for three years straight . It was only three years ago  that Miami topped the list . The metropolis has always been a melting pot  of cultures creating cultures stereotyped in television shows such as  Miami Vice and CSI : Miami showing guns and fast driving as part of the  city 's culture . However , while...
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