Road Map to Education

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Road Map to Education

By | August 2008
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Higher Education
The road ahead

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2.Financing Structure of Indian Higher Education

3.Higher education in other Countries

4.Roadmap for the future

5.Our Forecasting and recommendations



Appendix 1 : Regression Analysis on allocation of funds towards education sector since 1996

Appendix 2 : Main features of Indian higher education system

Appendix 3 : Higher education in other countries

Appendix 4 : Regulatory framework in India


In today’s globalized economy, Quantity and quality of highly specialized human resources determine the competence of countries in the global market. The benefits of globalisation accrue to the countries with highly skilled human capital and it is a curse for the countries without such specialised human capital. And when we talk about developing countries like India, the need for highly specialised human capital becomes all the more important.

But, the condition of higher education in India is continuously deteriorating. In 1991 many economic reform packages were introduced which imposed a heavy compression on the public budgets on education sector, more specifically so on higher education. With economic reforms, cuts in public budgets for higher education have been very steep (see Table 1), severely impairing the growth of higher education. Focus of the government in the recent years has been the upliftment of primary education due to which Higher education has taken a back seat. (see Table 2).

It is to be realised that while primary education is fundamental to the nation, higher education determines its...

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