Road Crashes

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Where is the direction in road crash reduction?
Number of lives are lost every year all around the globe due to serious crashes on our roads. Australian government is collaborating with the transport engineers in order to introduce new measures to reduce the risk of the road side accidents. This report of mine is based upon Australian road crashes reduction. It briefly explains why and how these road crashes take place. Strict measures taken by the Australian government and restricted speed limits in particular areas have greatly contributed towards the reduced rate of road accidents. The following figure shows us the downfall of the deaths caused due to these accidents over the years,

Figure 1: Rate of deaths caused from 2002-2011
A range of researches shows that 90% of all these accidents are caused due to the human errors whereas around 3% is caused due to the systematic failure (mechanical failure) and 5% caused due to the environmental impact. This leads us towards the 3 major components of a road network system i.e the drivers, the vehicle and the environmental conditions.

The vehicle driver is one of the key components of the transport network. It largely depends on how one drives and in what condition. Speeding and drink driving was widely acknowledged to be a major cause of these accidents, other factors may include underage drivers. Studies have shown that road safety issues can even generate with respect to the behavior of the culture of a particular area. Alcohol is widely used in Australia as the teenager and some adults tend to go out on the weekends and drink drive which increases the risk of the accidents. Government has played an important role by imposing some heavy fines on the drives and sometimes even termination of their licenses. Figure below shows the number of serious crashes in different days of the week,

Figure 2: Number of serious injury crashes in 2005
Vehicle is another factor which may cause a hazard...
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