Road Beautification of Dhaka City

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I. Introduction

‘A thing of beauty is joy forever.’

Anything that is beautiful, easily attract favorable attention of everyone. So beautification is indeed very important. Among many beautification concern city beautification is a common phenomena in recent days. Dhaka City Corporation as well as many other public and private organizations have joined hands together for the beautification of Dhaka city.

For beautifying the city DCC has developed many water fountain sculptures and garden in different important sites of the city. Every year, DCC allocates more then one crore taka for the city beautification program. The Nagar Bhaban and other important places are decorated and lighted on different special and national days of the country.

Private organization most significantly commercial banks largely adopting various city beautifications project in recent times. As city beautification is an important part of CSR activities every organization should come forward to beautify Dhaka city.

Dhaka Bank, City Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Agrani Bank, Brac Bank, Unilever, British American Tobacco and so many organizations are playing an important role to beautify the city.

Zero point to Paltan

II. Means of City Beautification

We city dwellers see several form of Dhaka city beautification. Some of them are very attractive and nice to see. Besides informal means for beautification also enhances the beauty of Dhaka city. There are some common forms of city beautification as follows-

✓ Tree Plantation: Tree plantation is the most common form of road beatification in Dhaka city. It is also environment friendly as well as good looking. There are several public and private organizations that conducted mass tree plantations usually beautiful and long lasting trees are planted in the road sides.

✓ Beautiful Billboard: Now a days, it is called that Dhaka is a city of billboards. It is really true that Dhaka is covered with various kinds of billboards. Multinational, national, private organizations are competitively occupying billboard space. It is a very good sort of advertisement tool as well as enhances the beauty.

✓ Monument: It is another form of road beautification. Monument is costlier form but enhances the beauty a lot. There are several places in Dhaka where we see some beautiful monuments. These are very good looking too.

✓ Beautiful lightings: We see beautiful lightings in some occasion or on some special events. Special events like- SAARC, ICC World Cup etc. There are also colorful lightings on some special occasion’s like- Eid-ul-Fitre, Eid-ul-Azha, Victory Day, Independence Day and so on.

✓ Other tools: Besides these, there is few other form of road beautification. Sometimes we see electric display, projector display, passenger waiting bench and so on. Normally these beautifications are conducted by private business organization to boost up their image.

We will be discussing more on those beautification tools in the later part of this report.

III. City Beautification by Various Organizations

Dhaka City planners dream up a layout to decorate the capital in high-rolling glamour through architectural landscaping.

The process started with the Dhaka Urban Transport Project (DUTP), a taka 1200 crore WB-funded project, the Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) and the Roads and Highways Department (RHD). They, together, undertook the repair and construction of 2447.69 kilometers of wide and narrow lanes, along with 163 kilometers of footpath. In addition to this, a taka 150-crore DCC project for the greening of Dhaka through planting trees, and adding color with flowering plants.

Under the project, almost all important medians and road islands stretching from Bangabhaban to airport have been brought under fresh plantation. A total of 71 public and private organizations are implementing the project.

The authorities have divided the city...
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