Road Accidents

Topics: Injury, Distraction, Autobahn Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: May 30, 2013

Road accidents are on the rise these days and thousands of people are dying and injured each year in Australia. On average 118 people are killed and around 1050 people are injured per year in South Australia. According to Department of Infrastructure and Transport the annual economic cost of road crashes in Australia is enormous at $27 billion per annum—and the social impacts are devastating. The top 3 contributing risk factors of road accidents are intoxication, speeding and distractions. The main contributing factor in road accidents is intoxication. Drink and drug driving is one of the main causes of road accidents in South Australia. The majority of drivers and riders killed on South Australia roads of drivers had three times more than the legal limits amount of alcohol in their bodies. Drinking alcohol effects driving skill and increase the likelihood that the driver will engage in risk-taking behaviour. Of these drivers and riders killed during 2007-2011, who were over the legal limit of 0.05: 89% were male, 33% were aged 20-29 years, 69% were killed on rural roads, 73% were at least three to four times over the legal limit. (DPTI) Research shows that a single drink increases the risk of death or serious injury by five times. Second main major factor in road accidents is speed. Speeding and excessive speed causes thousands of serious accidents and injuries every year. Speeding was identified as a contributing factor in an estimated 36% of fatal crashes 2007-2011.(DPTI) The evidence show that if the speed is 50km/h the stopping distance is 29mBut no impact and for 60km/h 38 m take to stop and will be impact on the driving. The evidence show that speeding is not about just going over the speed limit is also about the experience and age. Another major factor in road accidents is distraction. Distraction occurs when a driver, either willingly or unwillingly, engages in a secondary activity that interferes with performance of their primary task -...
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