Rn vs Cna

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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The Differences Between a C.N.A. and a R.N.
The healthcare industry is one of the few career fields that, despite hard economic woes, is hiring at an alarming rate. Healthcare jobs are expected to grow faster than any other industry-roughly 22%, or 3.2 million new jobs, by 2018 (Healthcare Occupaions). As the medical field advances, career opportunities in healthcare become increasingly diverse. The top two most in demand jobs are a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and a Registered Nurse (RN) (Perry). Although both of these jobs are similar in which they both serve the needs and care of patients they are distinctly different in education, job responsibilities, salary, and career opportunities. Education wise CNA training programs vary in length from two weeks to more than six months, and may be offered by local community colleges, the Red Cross, or clinic-sponsored programs (Oken). A RN on the other hand needs a college degree or a nursing diploma. The most popular program is the associate’s degree in nursing, which takes an average of two-to-tree year to complete and requires valuable hands-on experience in the field. After completing the training and education both jobs require to pass certain exams. CNAs are required to pass a certification exam and have 75 hours of training before they can legally work and RNs a national licensing examination also known as NCLEX-RN (Santiago). Even though many RNs and CNAs generally work in a hospital setting their responsibilities are different. CNAs unusually work under a registered nurse and are responsible for living tasks such as cleaning, bathing, dressing and moving the patients. As well as taking vital signs like temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure (Perry). RNs work under the supervision of medical doctors. Typical work duties can vary depending upon specialty but for the most part RNs will be responsible for administering medication, setting IVs, giving shots, updating patient records, patient education,...
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