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“The Grand Canyon University College of Nursing Philosophy” describes the education of nurses of Christian nurse scholars. It’s goal is to provide nurses with theory driven education that focuses on concepts of health, environment, person, and nursing. “Baccalaureate nursing incorporates the roles of assessing, critical thinking, communicating, providing care, teaching and leading.” (Grand Canyon University, 2011, p. 2) One of the biggest differences in nursing education may be that the Bachelors in Science and Nursing (BSN) receives more in depth education on management and leadership. According to Schank and Stollenwerk (1988) journal (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2012) article there seems to be differing opinions on whether nurses attending an Associate Degree program should even receive education on management and leadership. Most hospitals are now requiring RNs applying for positions in management to hold a BSN. So it appears BSN programs should have more education in management and leadership (Mary Jane Schank & Ruth Stollenwerk DNSc, 1988).

Hospitals looking to achieve Magnet status will soon be required to have all nurse managers and nurses in leadership roles to hold a BSN y 2013 and 80% of nursing staff to hold BSN by 2020 (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2012).

I read an interesting article by Masters and Masters (1989) on the risk taking propensity of Nurses. My theory was nurses with a BSN would be more inclined to take risks because of higher level of education thus having a better understanding of the risk they are taking. According to the journal article they are no more likely to take risks than the nursed educated with only an ADN regardless of years of experience with either degree. (Marcia L. Masters & Robert J. Masters, 1989, p. 395)

But why are nurses with their Bachelors degree in science and nursing more competent and desired by hospitals? In our module two lecture notes “Nursing History, Theories, and...
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