Rmtd at Its Finest

Topics: Sociology, Sociological terms, Observation Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Introduction / Setting
I’ll be writing my observation paper on Rockford’s Mass Transit District. (RMTD) I’ll be using qualitative research because I’ll be focusing on specific micro level social interactions. I will not participate with the groups I’ll be observing nor influence the behaviors of the groups, so I will not be wearing my uniform. I observed two groups that I classified as; group 1 and group 2. I classified them as group 1 and 2 because I couldn’t think of just one word that would suffice the groups efficiently. I observed these two groups for a little over four hours. Group 1 Observation

It was a sunny, windy day as I walked into RMTD’s transfer center located on the corner of S Court and West State I noticed that their wasn’t as much people as their usually is outside. My brother, Mylo, who’s achieved status as a Metro Enforcement Officer was on his tour that day. An achieved status is a status one earns. Mylo is currently in college working toward a master status, he wants to become a Sheriff’s Deputy. A master status is a status that determines someone’s general position in society. I exchanged words with my brother and he told me that there wasn’t a lot of activity. A little over 15 minutes of talking about our day my brother and I get dispatched to a possible fight by bus terminal H, we immediately start walking fast through the crowded bus area until we see two females that fit the description the dispatchers gave us. Before I could ID the ladies their social interaction could be heard from afar. As we walked up I saw the two alleged subjects arguing. They both looked like they were in their early twenties; one Caucasian female with a baby in a stroller and the other female was an African American. They were arguing about their significant other, the baby’s father of the Caucasian lady and apparently the black women’s boyfriend. A significant other is someone most important in one’s life. Mylo was preforming his social role as a Metro...
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