Rmg Sector Bangladesh

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Recent Problems of RMG Sector in Bangladesh:
1. Raw materials:

Bangladesh imports raw materials for garments like cotton, thread color etc. This dependence on raw materials hampers the development of garments industry. Moreover, foreign suppliers often supply low quality materials, which result in low quality products.

2. Unskilled workers: 
Most of the illiterate women workers employed in garments are unskilled and so their products often become lower in quality.

3. Improper working environment:

Taking the advantages of workers' poverty and ignorance the owners forced them to work in unsafe and unhealthy work place overcrowded with workers beyond capacity of the factory floor and improper ventilation. 

Most of the garment factories in our country lack the basic amenities where our garment workers sweat their brows from morning to evening to earn our countries the major portion of our foreign exchange. Anybody visiting the factory the first impression he or she will have that these workers are in a roost.  

Solution: The owners should give proper ventilation, rest room, medical service to their workers. The owners should not think profit is the first priority for them, they should care for their workers’ lives. 

3. Lack of managerial knowledge:

There are some other problems which are associated with this sector. Those are- lack of marketing tactics, absence of easily on-hand middle management, a small number of manufacturing methods, lack of training organizations for industrial workers, supervisors and managers, autocratic approach of nearly all the investors, fewer process units for textiles and garments, sluggish backward or forward blending procedure, incompetent ports, entry/exit complicated and loading/unloading takes much time, time-consuming custom clearance etc.

4. Gendered division of labor:

In the garment industry in Bangladesh, tasks are allocated largely on the basis of gender. This determines many of the working conditions of women workers. All the workers in the sewing section are women, while almost all those in the cutting, ironing and finishing sections are men.  

Women work mainly as helpers, machinists and less frequently, as line supervisors and quality controllers. There are no female cutting masters. Men dominate the administrative and management level jobs. Women are discriminated against in terms of access to higher-paid white collar and management positions.   

When asked why they prefer to emply women foe sewing, the owner and managers gave several reasons. Most felt that sewing is traditionally done by women and that women are more patient and more controllable than men.

Solution: Gender discramination should have reduced. Women workers engaged in a variety of occupations from cutting, sewing, inserting buttons, making button holes, checking,cleaning the threads, ironing, folding, packing and training to supervising. They should change their mind that sewing is traditionally done by women. Women can controll every section and they are more patient and more controllable than men.

5. Wages:

The government of Bangladesh sets minimum wages for various categories of workers. According of Minimum Wage Ordinance 2012, apprentices’ helpers are to receive Tk2500 and Tk3500 per month respectively. Apprentices are helpers who have been working in the garment industry for less than three months. After three months, Apprentices are appointed as helpers. Often female helpers are discriminated against in terms of wages levels, and these wages are also often fixed far below the minimum wage rate. A survey conducted in 2003 showed that 73% of female helpers, as opposed to 15% of their male counterparts, did not receive even the minimum wage.

6. Insufficient of loan:

Insufficiency of loan in time, uncertainly of electricity, delay in getting materials, lack of communication, problem in taxes etc. Often obstruct the industry. In the world market 115 to 120 items...
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