Rmb Appreciation Positive Impact on China’s Economy and the Follow-Up Measures

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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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The appreciation of the RMB issue has attracted attention of various circles at home and abroad. By analyzing the current RMB exchange rate appreciation on China’s economic impact at all levels, I will mainly from the industrial structure, export structure, and enterprises to change their operational mechanism, to ease trade tensions and the effectiveness of monetary policy five-pronged approach to analysis; and my final conclusion: RMB exchange-rate appreciation generated by the final result is more positive than negative, impact is positive. In the current context of the appreciation has become a fact, china should actively take the appropriate follow-up measures to stabilize and optimize the economic environment, to minimize possible due to economic fluctuations (exchange rate changes) and the losses incurred. The traditional exchange rate system in China is increasingly incompatible with the economic development of the new situation, the RMB exchange rate system reform has become the focus of media attention. And “improve the Yuan exchange rate formation mechanism, in the premise of effective risk prevention; there are options, step by step to relax the restrictions on cross-border capital” it is the RMB exchange rate system reform goals. For my appreciation of the Renminbi move the previous stage what the impact was positive or negative, can be described as a matter of opinion. Some scholars believe that the RMB appreciation on China’s economic development is very negative, one is not conducive to overcoming deflation, and the second is not conductive to attracting foreign investment and the third is likely to cause financial risks. Once the RMB appreciation and the clamp down on China’s rapid economic development, not only in East Asia will ease the pressure of deflation, but also will make the East Asian regional economy to become unstable. Of course, there are many scholars believe that the Yuan revaluation is a big benefit. For example you can make...
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