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Topics: Birth control, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 8 (2546 words) Published: April 28, 2013

Competency 105.4.2: Planning a Presentation

Contraceptive use in the United States

a.Audience’s attention: Family planning has been proven to provide beneficial outcome for mothers, newborn babies, families and communities. Pregnancies that happen without planning to do so either too early or too late in life or too close to previous pregnancies, increase incidence for prematurity, low birth rate and maternal health compromise. Uses of contraceptive methods are being used more often from women with the purpose to prevent the above mentioned potential consequences. b.Thesis statement: Research and statistics show that women who use contraceptives are able to prevent unintended pregnancies in every stage of their Life and contraception provides women the ability to have healthier pregnancies. c.Main points:

1. Women who use contraceptive are able to prevent unintended pregnancies in their life. 2. Contraception provides women with the ability to have healthier pregnancies. II.1. Women who use contraceptive are able to prevent unintended pregnancies in their life. There are about 62 million women sexually active ( Guttmacher Institute.2012. Contraceptive Use in the United States. Who Needs Contraceptive.p.1) and able to give birth in the United States that do not want to have children at this point of their life yet. The reason for this might be related to their age being too young, not able to financially provide for the baby, focus on the carrier and many other subjective reasons. As shown on the website of the research Guttmacher Institute: “Forty-three million women of child-bearing age (69%) are at risk of unintended pregnancy”. (Guttmacher Institute.2012. Contraceptive Use in the United States. Who Needs Contraceptive.p.1). In 2012, an estimated 645 million women of reproductive age (15–49 years) in the developing world are using modern contraceptive methods-42million more than in 2008.In 2012, use of modern contraceptive in the developing world will prevent 218 million unintended pregnancies, which in turn will avert 55 million unplanned births, 138 million abortions, 25 million miscarriages and 118,000 maternal deaths. The two-third of U.S women at risk of unintended pregnancy who practice contraception consistently and correctly account for only 5% of unintended pregnancies. (Guttmacher Institute.2012.Costs and Benefits of Investing in Contraceptive Services in the Developing World. Use of Modern Contraceptives.p.1) 2. Contraception provides women with the ability to have healthier pregnancies. This is true based on the fact that by using contraception a woman can chose the right time to be pregnant. She can use the contraception until she is stable financially, until she has cured a previous medical condition, until she is emotionally able and physically matured to get pregnant and bear it for the entire time healthy. Good physical, emotional and mental statuses are key components to successful pregnancy. Regular prenatal care, doctors’ visits, education materials, examination tests, diet review, attending classes to learn about a healthy pregnancy, changes throughout all the trimesters, baby care and what to expect after having the baby, all are steps and precautions that provide a healthy pregnancy. And contraception allows this to happen by giving women the right to choose the exact time when they are ready and desiring to go thought the above mentioned steps. According to Guttmacher Institute:” Pregnancies that occur to early or too late in a woman’s life, or that are spaced too closely, negatively affect maternal health and increase the risk of prematurity and low birth weight”(Guttmacher Institute.2012.Contraceptive Use in the United States. The Broad Benefits of Contraceptive Use.p.2). Also, in the same research site of Guttmacher Institute it is clearly stated that:” Women, whose pregnancies are...
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