Rl Wolfe Case

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Upon reviewing the implementation of Self-Directed Teams (SDT) at the newly acquired plant in Corpus Christi, Texas I have come to a conclusion that we need to redefine each team and revamp the roles and responsibilities of the team members that comprise each team. Facts that contributed to the lack of cohesiveness amongst the teams are as follows; 1) Is the size of the team too large? Should it be broken down into smaller teams? 2) Should teams rotate through all jobs in order have a better understanding of the entire production process? 3) What are the boundaries for each team? What were they expected to do and accomplish in this new format? 4) Some employees think that they aren’t being paid to think and make decisions. There is no pay increase to be a part of the decision making process. What can be done to improve morale? 5) Can this be implemented at the 2 unionized plants where productivity is lower and turnover is higher? The above facts are a part of the problems that is inhibiting the Corpus Christi plant from meeting the 95% of capacity. First, we will look at the size of the teams. In the past, I found that working in smaller teams is more beneficial and could make for a stronger bond amongst the workers. Right now, there are 2 teams during each eight hour shift. We will change that into 4 teams. There will be 2 Extrusion line operator teams consisting of 7 employees and 2 Material handler teams per shift. This team will consist of 6 and 7 employees per team. Each team will have at least 2 or 3 team members crossed trained so they can fill in when one of the team members is absent from work. Each team will have a “Go to Rep” the will bring new ideas, requests for time off, disciplinary action, etc. to the Coordinator. Initially, this could be on a weekly or bi-weekly rotating shift. If one or more of the team members does not feel comfortable with that role then it can be handled by fewer, but still on a rotating basis....
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