Rkot1 Oraganizational Systems and Quality Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Patient, Health care Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: April 21, 2013
RKOT 1 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership
Western Governor’s University

Leadership Strategies
Leadership is, first and foremost, a stance—an attitude. A leader faces the problem and says what we can do to address it. Leaders take responsibility for problems. (L 101: So You Want to Be a Leader in Health Care ) Two strategies a nurse might use as an informal leader on an interdisciplinary team are form a clearer picture of the real situation and start looking for ideas of how to solve the problem. (L 101: So You Want to Be a Leader in Health Care ) As a nurse on an interdisciplinary team you could start by gathering information regarding the situation to form a clearer picture. Often time’s members of the team only look at what is affecting their individual work flow. As a leader a nurse should put the patient at the center of the picture and investigate how the roles of the individual team members affect the patient as a whole. People often look only at how a situation will affect them and their workflow and do not look at the situation as a whole. Instead of just complaining about a situation the can take a leadership role by gathering information from all members of the team and piecing this information together as to form a clearer picture of the situation. To become an effective leader the nurse must not only gather the information to form a clearer picture but also work with the team to look for and offer ideas to solve the problem. As a leader, a nurse would not just join in on the complaining. Once the information is gathered and the problem is clearly identified; to be a true leader, the nurse would look for creative solutions possibly initiating changes in workflow to alleviate the problem. A leader goes the extra step to implement change. Active Involvement

Two ways a nurse can take an active, contributing role within the interdisciplinary team are identifying quality issues or concerns and ensuring there is open...
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