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Advantages to Rehiring Top Performers
There are many advantages to rehiring top performers. As mentioned before, you already know what they are capable of in the workplace, so candidate testing, interviews, and other methods for determining their qualifications may not be necessary unless they are trying for a position outside their skill set. Other advantages include: * Top performers are already familiar with the company’s culture, procedures, and other day-to-day operations that you would have to teach to a new hire. Even if computer systems have been upgraded since an employee left, it is very easy to teach the person. * You will find employees who left and came back may have even more knowledge about the industry than before. Learning new approaches to business, technology, and management will broaden their knowledge base and in turn help your company in the long run. For example, you may notice an employee is more innovative than they were before or they have more intimate knowledge of their job position because they were given new challenges along the way. * Rehiring employees is also a way to retain current employees through the telling of “war stories” from other companies. * Employees who return to your company will improve the company’s reputation for being one of the best places to work. * Attracting other top performers who have left the company may also want to return once they know you are receptive to rehiring them. One other advantage to rehiring top performing employees is the retention rate will be higher. Since these employees experienced working at another company, they are less apt to leave again if a new opportunity becomes available. Disadvantages to Rehiring Top Performers

There are some disadvantages to rehiring top performers that you will deal with depending on the culture of your company. It is unfortunate that managers are oftentimes wary of rehiring employees. This is because they may feel an employee already had...
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