Rizals Life, Zaide, Chapter 9 - 13 Summary

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  • Published: September 8, 2013
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Chapter 9: Rizal’s Grand Tour of Europe with Maximo Viola (1887)

After the publication of Noli, Rizal planned to visit the important places in Europe. Dr. Maximo Viola agreed to be his traveling companion. Rizal received Pacianos remittance of P1000 which forward by Juan Luna from Paris and immediately paid his debt to Viola which he loaned so that the Noli could be printed. First, he and Viola visited Potsdam, a city near Berlin.

At the dawn of May 11, 1887, Rizal and Viola, two browned-skinned doctors on a roaming spree, left Berlin by train. Spring was an ideal season for travel. Their destination was in Dresden, ³one of the best cities in Germany´.

Rizal and Viola tarried for sometimes in Dresden. They visited Dr. Adolph B. Meyer,who was overjoyed to see them. In the Museum of Art, Rizal was deeply impressed by painting of “Prometheus Bound”. They also meet Dr. Jagor and heard there plan about Leitmeritz inorder to see Blumentritt. He advice to wire Blumentritt because the old professor might be shock of their visit.

At 1:30 pm of May 15, 1887 the train arrived at the railroad station of Leitmeritz. Professor Blumentritt was at the station carrying a pencil sketch of Rizal which he sent toidentify his friend. Blumentritt get a room at Hotel Krebs, after which he bought them to his house and stayed Leitmeritz May 13 to 14 1887.

They enjoyed hospitality of Blumentritt family. The professor’s wife, Rosa, was a good cook. She prepared Austrian dishes which Rizal’s liked very much. Blumentritt proved to be agreat tourist as well as hospitable host. He showed the scenic and historical spots of Leitmeritz tohis visitors. The Burgomaster (town mayor) was also amazed by Rizal’s “privileged talent”.

Rizal and Viola visited the historic city of Prague. They carried letters of recommendation from Blumentritt to Dr. Wilkom, professor in University of Prague. Rizal and Viola visited the ³Tomb of Copernicus´

May 20 they arrived at Vienna capital of...
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