Rizal Visitation

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Narrative Report
We decided to make to visit Fort Santiago due to the facts that there are still questions or issues before Rizal’s dead that are still left unanswered. Going in Fort Santiago might shed some light to our questions since it is the place where Rizal was imprisoned before his execution. We wanted to learn more about Rizal before his dead. We want to learn more about recent events before his dead and during his execution. During high school he all have knowledge about his life and his two famous works which are Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, but our learning in high school are limited only, so we want to learned more about him, his dead and execution. And we wanted to go there due to the fact that we haven’t been there before. It would be like fitting two birds with one stone; going there to have fun and learn.

Our story of the flow of the activity
First and foremost, was deciding what to do. After some brain storming, we decided on doing a simple video photo tour of Fort Santiago. This video will consist of photos in Fort Santiago, giving a simple tour around the place. Since we are only two at the time, we also wanted to ask other classmates to join our group but unfortunately we weren’t able to do so.

After the time given to ask to decide what to do for the co-curricular activity, there was a meeting where we presented our proposal to our professor. Luckily, the proposal was approved.
During our break time, my partner and I planned when to have the visit. We compared our schedules. We are both free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 12:00nn until 6:00 pm. Since we have classes the six and estimating the time of travel from Mapua to Fort Santiago including traffic; my partner and I only have an approximately 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm to go around Fort Santiago and take pictures.

At First we decided to go on a Thursday afternoon on the first week of August. But since it was raining at the time, we decided to move our visit probably next week. The next week after, classes were suspended due to continuous rain and floods on certain area in Metro Manila. Given that, we decided to move again our visit next week. Luckily, our professor gave us all a one week extension.

My partner and I was shocked when our professor ask for the waivers. We panicked since we don’t have one and we didn’t thinkwe needed one. After the class, we ask our professor if we needed one, he said it’s okay if we don’t have one since it wasn’t that far compare to other groups who are going to Calamba.

After all that, on August 14 we decided to go the next day. In preparation for our visit, we remind our parents that we are going the following day, since our visit was twice move due to the rain. We also charge the battery of the cameras that we are going to use for the visit. We decided that both of us should bring a camera so that if something unfortunate happened to the first camera; there will be a back-up camera to use.

The following day, it was still slightly raining but we still push through to our visit because the deadline is near and we don’t know if the weather will be better or worse.
From Mapua - Makati we rode a jeepney to LRT Buendia then a bus going to Lawton. In Lawton we crossed the road to the side where the FX going to Sucat is parked. On that side of the road was where the jeepneys going to Pier passes by. When we crossed the road we waited for a jeep going to Pier to ride. The jeep we rode was not the one that goes inside Intramuros but around outside the Intramuros, we where face with traffic but we still got to our destination.

The entrance fee in Fort Santiago was Php 75.00 and Php 50.00 for student & young children. Students must present their ID upon paying. Once we are inside Fort Santiago, we started taking pictures. We started taking pictures at the Visitors Centers then slowly going inside the Fort Santiago Proper gate. We pass through the...
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