Rizal Sa Dapitan

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Rizal sa Dapitan

Dr. Jose Rizal – The main protagonist in the story. Rizal was implicated in the activities of the nascent rebellion and in July 1892, was deported to Dapitan in the province of Zamboanga, a peninsula of Mindanao. There he built a school, a hospital and a water supply system, and taught and engaged in farming and horticulture. Josephine Bracken - the common-law wife of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal during his exile in Dapitan in the province of Zamboanga del Norte in the southern Philippines. Captain Ricardo Carnicero – the politico-military Governor of Dapitan (1892-1893). The Captain served as Rizal's warden but eventually became his friend. As evidence of his their friendship, Rizal wrote a poem, "A Don Ricardo Carnicero," on 26 August 1892, on the occasion of the Captain's birthday. Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez - a Jesuit priest and mentor of Rizal Teodora Alonzo – The mother of Jose Rizal

Dr. Pio Valenzuela – A katipunero and a friend of Rizal
Dapitan, province of Zamboanga

The movie exemplifies the life of Jose Rizal when he was deported in Dapitan. In his stay, he engaged himself in several activities. He became a teacher for local youth. He planted trees and crops and made an irrigation system for the community. He made a Mindanao map in the plaza of Dapitan. Also, he practiced his medicine, indulged in sculpture and painting and fell in love to Josephine Bracken. During his stay in Dapitan, he also operated the eyes of his mother. Later in the film, Rizal was visited by Dr. Pio Valenzuela sought advice from him with regards of the revolution. The outcome was quite unexpected and expected at the same time. It was unexpected, because, he repudiated the revolution. He argued that independence must be given as an award, and not be attained through force. It was expected on the other hand, because Rizal’s propagandists and not a separatist, he aimed for assimilation and not for...
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