Rizal in Dapitan and Bayaning Third World Reaction Paper

Topics: José Rizal, Philippines, Manila Pages: 7 (1216 words) Published: December 20, 2012
| |Bayaning |Rizal sa Dapitan | | |Third-World | | |Director |Mike De Leon |Tikoy Aquiluz | |Actor who played Rizal |Joel Torre |Albert Martinez | |Other major cast members | |Amanda Page as Josephine Bracken | | |Ricky Davao as 1st Filmaker |Father Obach as Chris Micelena | | |Cris Villanueva as 2nd Filmaker |Rustica Carpio as Teodora Alonzo | | |Rio Locsin as Trinidad Rizal |Candy Pangilinan as Maria Rizal | | |Cherry Pie Picache as Narcisa Rizal |Tess Dumpit as Narcisa Rizal | | |Lara Fabregas as Josephine Bracken |Paul Holmes as George Taufer | | |Ed Rocha as Father Balaguer |Jaime Fabregas as Fr. Francisco de Paula | | |Joonee Gamboa as Paciano Rizal |Sanchez | | | |Junell Hernando as Jose "Joselito" D. Aseniero| |How was Rizal portrayed? |The film examines the heroism of Philippine |The movie portrayed how Rizal coped up with | | |national hero Jose Rizal, particularly on his |his exile in Dapitan. It portrayed Rizal as a| | |supposed retraction of his writings against the |developer of a remote community in the south | | |Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines during |of the Philippine archipelago – the Dapitan. | | |the Spanish colonization period in the country. |In Rizal’s exile in Dapitan he engaged himself| | |The film expressed the most vulnerable sides of |in several activities. He became a teacher for| | |Rizal and the people revolving around him. The |local youth. He planted trees and crops and | | |film tends to give a certain mystery in every |made an irrigation system for the community. | | |viewer that we need to solve in order to satisfy|He made a Mindanao map in the plaza of | | |ourselves, unlike the filmmakers. It also tells |Dapitan. Also, he practiced his medicine, | | |us that there are many faces, ideas, and |indulged in sculpture and painting and fell in| | |portrayal of Rizal that we could think of. Rizal|love to Josephine Bracken. During his stay in | | |can be the national hero we think he is, or the |Dapitan, he also operated the eyes of his | | |traitor/coward who renounced his works to |mother. | | |satisfy his need that require the church’s |...
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