Rizal Grand Tour of Europe with Viola

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Rizal’s Grand Tour of Europe with Viola (1887)
May 11, 1887- Rizal and Viloa left Berlin by train. Their destination was Dresden.

Their visit coincided with the regional floral exposition which Rizal was interested in Botany.

They visited Dr. Adolph Meyer, who was overjoyed to see them. Rizal was deeply impressed by painting of “Pro metheus Bound” at the museum of the art.

They met Dr. Jagor at the scene of the floral exposition. They planned to visit Leitmeritz (now Litomerice,Czechoslovakia) and Dr. Jagor heard them. The doctor advised them to wire Blumentritt of their coming because the old professor might suffer a shock at their sudden visit.

Rizal and Viola sent a wire to Blumentritt after leaving Dresden where Treschen (Decin) was their next stopover.

First Meeting with Blumentritt

May 13, 1887 at 1:30 pm., they arrived at the railroad station of Leimeritz, Bohemia. Pof. Blumentritt warmly received Rizal and Viola.

The two great scholars meet each other personally and they greeted each other in fluent German.Upon seeing the talented Rizal for the first time, He immediately took him into heart, and loving him as a son. They were introduced to the family of the great professor Blumentritt.

They stayed in Leitmeritz from May 13-16, 1887.

Beautiful Memories of Leitmeritz

He enjoyed the hospitality of the Blumentritt’s family. Rizal and Viola’s tourist guide is the professor.

One afternoon, they were invited to a beer garden. They met the burgomaster of that town and they were proudly introduced by Blumentritt.

Another one afternoon, Rizal and Viola were invited to a meeting of the Tourist’s Club of Leitmeritz. Praising Austria’s idyllic scenes and its hospitable, nature-loving, and noble people. Rizal met Dr. Carlos Czepelack, the renowned scientist of Europe and he was introduced to Professor Robert Klutschak, an eminent naturalist.

May 16, at 9:45 am., Rizal and viloa left Leitmeritz by train.

May 19, 1887,...
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