Rizal Chapter 22 Summary

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  • Published: December 4, 2012
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Chapter 22
Exile in Dapitan, 1892-96
Rizal lived in exile in faraway Dapitan, a remote town in Mindanao which was under the missionary jurisdiction of the Jesuits, from 1892 to 1896. This four – year interregnum in his life was tediously unexciting, but was abundantly fruitful with varied achievements. Beginning of Exile in Dapitan

Steamer Cebu – brought Rizal to Dapitan carried a letter from Father Pablo Pastells, Superior of the Jesuits Society in the Philippines, to Father Antonio Obach, Jesuits parish priest of Dapitan. The letter informed that Rizal could live at the parish convent but with following condition which he refused. Captain Carnicero – the commandant where Rizal live. He admired the kind, generous Spanish Captain. As evidence of his esteem, he wrote a poem, A Don Ricardo Carnicero, on August 26, 1892 on the occasion of the captain’s birthday. Wins in Manila Lottery

September 21, 1892, the sleepy town of Dapitan burst in hectic excitement. The mail boat Butuan, brought no Spanish officials but the happy tidings that the Lottery Tickets No. 9736 jointly owned by Captain Carnicero, Dr. Rizal and Francisco Equilior (Spanish Resident of Dipolog, a neighboring town of Dapitan) won the second prize of P20,000 in the government owned Manila Lottery. Lottery – the only vice of Rizal according to Wenceslao E. Retana. Rizal – Pastells Debate on Religion

Father Pastell sent Rizal a book by Sarada, with the advice that the latter (Rizal) should desist from his majaderas (foolishness) in viewing religion from the prism of individual judgment and self-esteem. Rizal revealed his anti – Catholic ideas which he had acquired in Europe and embitterment at his persecution by the bad friars. Father Pastells tried his best to win back Rizal to the fold of Catholicism. Rizal could not be convinced by Pastells arguments so that he lived in Dapitan beyond the pale of his Mother Church. In spite of their religious differences, Rizal and Pastells remained...
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