Rizal Chapter 22

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Midterm Examination in Civil Technology 1
Test 1: Multiple Choice
Direction: encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. This is a kind of saw that is used for ripping purposes
a. crosscut saw c.rip saw
b. miter sawd. dovetail saw
2. The kind of chisel with a light duty tool used to plane long surfaces parallel with the grain of the wood.
a. Paring chiselc. Pocket chisel
b. firming chiseld. Mill chisel
3. A chisel with heavy duty tool adopted to withstand severe strain, as in framing work and where deep cuts are necessary.
a. pocket chiselc. Paring chisel
b. firming chiseld. Mill chisel
4. The kind of saw that is being used for crosscutting purposes.
a. miter sawc. Rip saw
c. dovetail sawd. Crosscut saw
5. A kind of rough facing tools which is generally used for sharpening stakes and cutting down timber to rough sizes.
a. ship adzec. Hatchet
b. broadd. Claw hammer
6. The other name for smooth facing tools is?
a. driving toolsc. Rough facing tools
b. tooth cutting toolsd. Edge cutting tools
7. The plane that consist of 28 to 30 inches long is the?
a. jointer planec. Fore plane
b. jack paned. Smooth plane
8. A classification of tools that are specially design to make hole in wood.
a. tooth cutting toolsc. Smooth cutting tools
b. boring tools d. Edge cutting tools
9. It is a kind of plane that is being used for making a sinking cut on wood to make them fit to each other.
a. rabbet planec. Grooving plane
b. fillister planed. Router
10. This is a kind of boring tools which is small and used for punching or piercing small holes. it is generally used in starting a nail or screw into hardwood.
a. brad awlc. Auger
b. gimletd. Cutter bit

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