Rizal Chapter 12

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  One

of the happiest interlude in Rizal’s

  One month sojourn in Land of Cherry
  Fell in love with Seiko Usui but Rizal
affectionately called her, O-Sei-San

February 28, 1888,
Rizal arrived in

  Registered

at Grand

  Next day he
proceeded to Tokyo
took a room at Tokyo

 Tokyo-

expensive than
› Walls are built
in cyclopean
› Large and
wide streets

  Visited by Juan Perez Caballero
›  Secretary of Spanish legation
›  Invited Rizal to live at Spanish Legation
  Rizal accepted the offer:
›  So he could economize his living expenses
›  He had nothing to hide from the prying eyes of

Spanish authorities.

  Caballero

and Rizal became good friends

 During

his first day in Tokyo, Rizal was
embarrassed because he did not
know the Japanese language.
 Rizal studied Japanese language for a
few days.
 He also studied the Japanese
›  drama (kabuki),
›  arts,
›  music, and
›  judo

(Japanese art of self-defense)

 He

browsed in the
› Museum
› libraries
› Art galleries
› shrine

  He

was impressed by the western music
performances of the musicians
  To his surprise, the musicians were
actually Filipinos

  The

beauty of the country
  The cleanliness, politeness, and industry
of the Japanese people
  The picturesque dress and simple charm
of the Japanese women
  Very few thieves in Japan
  Beggars were rarely seen

 He

did not like
the mode of
transportation by
means of
rickshaws drawn
by men.

  Rizal

saw a pretty girl
walking past the legation
  From his inquiries, he
learned from a gardener
that she used to pass by
during her daily afternoon
  The following day, Rizal
and gardener waited for
her at the legation gate

  Seiko-San

was amused at Rizal
  They visited interesting spots in Japan
  Both found happiness in each other
  Rizal
  O-Sei-San
›  Lonely physician
›  27 years old
›  Disillusioned with

Leonor Rivera
›  Embittered by
Spanish injustices

›  Lonely Samurai’s

›  23 years old
›  Never experienced
the ecstasy of true

  Rizal

saw in her the qualities of his ideal
  O-Sei-San reciprocated his affection
  Rizal almost tempted to settle down in
Japan, at the same time, he was offered

a good job at the Spanish Legation.

  Rizal’s


love for O-Sei-San was attested in his

  Boarded

the Belgic, an
English steamer, at
Yokohama, bound for
  He left Japan with a
heavy heart
  His sojourn in Japan for
45 days was the
happiest interlude in his

Dr. Rizal’s statue in
Hibiya Park

  She

mourned for a long time
  A year after Rizal’s execution, she
married Mr. Alfred Charlton
›  British teacher of Chemistry of Peer’s school

in Tokyo
›  Blessed by one child, Yuriko
›  he was awarded Order of Merit, 5th class

  Rizal

met a semi-Filipino
Family– Mr. Reinaldo
Turner, his wife, Emma
Jackson, their children
and maidservant
  A bright young boy asked
him if he know Richal
  The family felt proud that
they were traveling with a


On board Belgic, Rizal
befriended Tetcho
›  A fighting Japanese

journalist, novelist,
and champion of
human rights
›  Forced by the
government to leave
the country
›  Only knew Japanese

›  Valiant patriots
›  Implacable foes of injustice and tyranny
›  Men of peace using pens as weapons
  Rizal

told Tetcho his story during their 8
months acquaintanceship
  Tetcho came to admire Rizal
  Rizal remained in London while Tetcho
returned to Japan

  After

the publication of his travel diary,
Tetcho resigned as editor of Choya (Tokyo
newspaper) and he entered politics.
  Became a member of lower house
 ...
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