Rizal as a Hero

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Should Dr. Jose Rizal be Considered as National Hero of the Republic of the Philippines?


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Mr. Jonas P. Anciano

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March 2013

José Protasio Rizal Mercado Alonso Realonda was a noted Filipino nationalist. He played a prominent role in advocating reforms in the Philippines, during Spanish supremacy. Recognized as the national hero, his death anniversary is celebrated as Rizal Day, a Philippine holiday.

I truly believe that our government must set the record straight and inform all of us the truth that Jose Rizal has never been proclaimed a national hero. Administrations have come and gone and up to this day, they have neglected the educational value of teaching our youth and our people the historical and cultural facts about our country. No wonder we are a confused lot.

To make it simple to understand how Rizal became a hero, we should know the real meaning of a hero. A hero symbolizes goodness. Rizal gave us freedom by the use of his goodness.

Rizal became a National Hero because he passed the criteria by being a National Hero during the American period.

1. He must be a Filipino.
2. He is already dead.
3. He displayed unconditional love for his country.
4. He has low temper.
5. He had died dramatically.

Jose Rizal became the Philippine national hero because he fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way. He expressed his love for the Philippines through his novels, essays and articles rather than through the use of force or aggression. He was a very amazing person at his time. He fight for reforms through his writings instead of through a revolution. He used his intelligence, talents and skills in a more peaceful way rather than the aggressive way

Jose Rizal is a martyr on account of the 1896 military execution, during the Philippine Revolution. He founded the civic organization La Liga Filipina, a precursor to the Katipunan. The Katipunan was a revolutionary organization founded in 1892, to garner the forces of rebels against Spanish colonialism. He favored institutional reforms over the violence of revolution.

José Rizal was born to Francisco Engracio Rizal Mercado Alejandra II and Teodora Morales Alonso Realonda Quintos. He hailed from a family of prosperous farmers. He was the seventh of eleven children. José's father adopted the family name 'Rizal' from 'Ricial', which meant 'green fields'. Even as a child, José advocated political ideas ahead of the time. He spoke of freedom and citizen rights, issues that brought on the ire of the authorities. He actively participated in poetry and essay writing and made notable contributions to Philippine literature. He openly criticized Spanish colonization of the Philippines.

Rizal graduated from Ateneo Municipal de Manila. He obtained a Land Surveyor and Assessor Degree. He also studied Philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Arts and Letters. And, this was not all; he registered for the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery course in ophthalmology, but did not complete the course on account of indiscriminate behavior against Filipino students. Instead, he opted for Licentiate in Medicine from the Universidad Central de Madrid.

Rizal also attended the University of Paris and Heidelberg for a second doctorate. His induction as a member of Berlin's Ethnological and Anthropological Society is immortalized in his poem, 'A las flores del Heidelberg'. He strongly advocated unification of Oriental and Occidental values. He is fondly remembered as a multi-faceted scholar. He displayed facets of his persona...
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