Rizal and His Life

Topics: Leadership, Spain, Suffering Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Poliran, Eduardo Jr. U. March 18, 2013

We know that Rizal is our national hero, but they usually didn’t know what Rizal did to our country, he cries for our freedom and he suffers because of us. After I see the movie of Rizal I realize how he opens up the eyes of Spaniards and how the Filipinos suffer s and I see how Rizal devoted to his Christian Religion and to love the country with fully heartedly. When he was taking his degree he is one of those Filipino who stand firm in times of problem and discrimination and he prove to his self that Filipinos are not damn things to look down and to make suffer from the hands of conquerors, Rizal prove his self that to love our country and to love God for the rest of our lives and he always remind us to keep go on in times of problem and suffering because in his death execution he never give and always have a sunshine in his eyes and he always thinking the good of our country and doing the commandments of God. Rizal truly gives the best for our country. Without him, we are suffering until now. so give thanks to our national hero.

We people, we can do what Rizal did by doing small things by serving the community in deferent ways, and for example, loving your family, be a good leader, vote wisely and serve God every day. Be a true Filipino and love you’re own country by supporting (tangkilik) our true product.
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