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These letters are those that help the student in looking for a job. LETTER OF APPLICATION
Probably, the letter of application is the first business letter that you will write after graduation. The letter o application may be the most important letter you will have write in your lifetime. (Sales letter or personal sales letter)

Here some hints to be followed in writing an application letter. 1. To gain favorable action.
* Physical Appearance
* Introductory Part
2. To create interest, desire and to convince the readers. a. Offers support to the statement indicated in the first paragraph. b. Emphasizes the highlights of his educational background and business experience. c. Uses concrete words to enable the employer to make his own conclusion. d. Makes clear his natural interest in the position as a result of his qualification and previous training, and makes his statement sound as useful as possible. e. Indicates the qualification summary (resume sheet). It is in the third paragraph where he has to transmit qualification summary and supplement it with some personal sales messages. 3. To stimulate action.

* Solicited
* One writes an application letter to answer an advertisement * Unsolicited
* One writes an application letter because somebody told him that an employer is looking for someone to fill a position POINTERS TO FOLLOW IN WRITING AN
1) The tone of the application letter should know how to balance over assertiveness on one hand and timidity, difference, and excessive humility on the other. * Diffident
* I think I could be a good bookkeeper or you.
* Confident
* I believe that my experience and interest will prove to be definite assets in fulfilling my duties as a bookkeeper I given a chance to join your firm. 2) An application letter should be correct in all aspects. Likewise, the writer should be correct in...
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