Topics: El filibusterismo, José Rizal, Tagalog language Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Chapter 19. El Filibusterismo published in Ghent (1891)

The Printing of El Filibusterismo
F.Meyer-Van LOO PRESS, No.66 Viaanderen Street, Willing to print his book on instalment basis, Rizal pawned his jewels, became desperate, received some money, BASA and 200 pesos from Rodriguez Arias. GHENT-a famous University city in Belgium

July 5, 1891- Rizal left Brussels for Ghent, it has two reasons;1.The cost of printing in Ghent was cheaper than Brussels and to escape from the enticing attraction of Petite Suzanne. JOSE ALEJANDRO (from Pampanga) and EDILBERTO EVANGELISTA (from Manila) both studying engineering in the world- famed University of Ghent. August 6-the printing of el filibusterismo had to be suspended, he wrote to BASA in Hong Kong. Ventura, Savior of El Filibusterismo

Valentin Ventura in parish- sent necessary funds
The Fili comes off the press
Sep. 18, 1891-El Fili comes off the press, rizal now a very happy man, immediately sent on his date two couples to Hong Kong- one for BASA and for SIXTO LOPEZ Valentin Ventura- donated the original manuscript and autographed printed copy.Blumentritt, Marino Ponce, G. Lopez Jaena.T.H.Pardo de Taverna, la publicidad, a Barcelona newspaper eulogizing the novel’s original style. El Nuevo Regimen, serialized the novel in its issues of October 1891.First Edition (Ghent Edition) of El Fili were placed in wooden boxes and shipped to Hong Kong but almost all boxes were confiscated and the books were lost.Ghent couples were sold at very high prices- 400 pesetas per copy. Characteristics of El Filibusterismo

Simoun- rich jeweler
Donia Victorina- ridiculously pro-spanish native woman
Tiburcio de Espedania- husband of Donia Victorina
Paulita Gomez- beautiful niece of Donia
Ben Zayb- Spanish journalist, who writes silly articles about Filipinos Padre Sibyla- Vice-rector of Univeraity of Santo Thomas
Padre Camorra- Parish priest of the town of tiani
Don Custodio- a pro-spanishfilipino holding a high position in...
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