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2. CHAPTER 1 : ADVENT OF NATIONAL HEROJUNE 19, 1861 – the day when Jose Rizal was born JOSE RIZAL - The greatest hero of the Philippines - “many – splendored genius” - dowered by God superb “intellectual”, - “moral” and “physical qualities” - a man of many talents - a martyr and a patriot 3. WORLD WHEN RIZAL WAS BORN1861PAX HISPANICA – reigned over the archipelago GOV. JOSE LEMERY – the governor general – a good militarist & established politico military over Visayas & Mindanao GARGANTUAN, CHINA – prostrated and impotent to stop over foreign devils OCTOBER 22, 1860 – Convention of Peking1850-1864 – TAIPING REBELLIONIMPERIALIST WESTERN POWERS – victories over China and tried it on Japan1854 – COMMODDORE MATTHEW C. PERRY ; he unlocked Japan 4. A HERO IS BORN JUNE 19, 1861 – Rizal was born JUNE 22, 1861 – baptismal of Rizal FATHER RUFINO COLLANTES – baptized Rizal FATHER PEDRO CASAÑAS – Rizal’s godfather (ninong) MARIANO HERBOSA – nephew of Father Casañas and will marry Lucia JOSE PROTACIO RIZAL MERCADO Y ALONZO REALONDA– the complete name of Jose Rizal 5. FRANCISCO MERCADO RIZAL May 11, 1818 (birthdate) He studied Latin and Philosophy in College of San Jose in Manila His mother died, then he moved to Calamba to became a tenant farmer in a Dominican estate June 28, 1848 – he married Teodora Alonzo Realonda January 5, 1898 ; he died at 80 in Manila 6. TEODORA ALONZO REALONDA November 8, 1826 (birth date) College of Santa Rosa August 16, 1911; she died at 85 7. THE RIZAL CHILDREN SATURNINA NARCISA PACIANO OLIMPIA

9. JOSEFA SOLEDAD (unmarried) TRINIDAD (unmarried)
10. RIZAL’S ANCESTRYPATERNAL SIDE DOMINGO LAM – CO - great - great grandfather A Chinese immigrant from Chin chew “China’s City of Spring” He was married to INES DE LA ROSA1731- He adopt the name MERCADO meaning MARKETFRANCISCO MERCADO – Domingo Lam-Co’s son who married CIRILA BERNACNAJUAN MERCADO – Francisco’s son who married CIRILA ALEJANDROFRANCISCO MERCADO (Rizal’s Father) – son of Juan Mercado 11. RIZAL’S ANCESTRYMATERNAL SIDE LAKAN – DULA – descendant EUGENIO URSUA – great – great grandfather of Rizal He is married to BENIGNA and they have a daughter named REGINAREGINA – married to MANUEL DE QUINTOS and they have a daughter named BRIGIDABRIGIDA – married to LORENZO ALBERTO and they have their sons and daughters named NARCISA, TEODORA, GREGORIO, JOSE and MANUELRIZAL – “racial”; means “new pasture” and “green field” 12. PROOFS THAT RIZAL FAMILY BELONGS TO WELL TO DO FAMILY They have a large stone house They have a home library with 1000 volumes of books First to sent their children in Manila They own a carjuahe

3. CALAMBA - the hero’s town1876– When Rizal was 15, he wrote a poem “Un RecuerdoA Mi Pueblo” (In Memory of My Town) EARLIEST CHILDHOOD MEMORIESAYA – nurse maid1865 – Concepcion died; this is the first sorrow of Jose 4. DEVOTED SON OF CHURCH 3yrs. old – he joined family prayers 5yrs. old – he knew haltingly, the Spanish family bible FATHER LEONCIO LOPEZ – the town priest, he was respected by Rizal 5. PILGRIMAGE TO ANTIPOLO JUNE 6, 1868 – Jose and his father went to Antipolo OUR LADY OF PEACE AND GOOD VOYAGE Our Lady of Antipolo THE STORY OF THE MOTH 6. 5yrs. old – Rizal made sketches USMAN – dog of RizalTO MY FELLOW CHILDREN (Sa AkingMgaKababata) – wrote by Rizal when he was 8 years old; His first poem written in native language Php 2.00 – for Rizal’s manuscript of his first drama bought by the gobernador cillo of Paete, Laguna 7. INFLUENCE ON HERO’S BOYHOOD Hereditary Influence Environmental Influence Aid of Divine Providence RIZAL’S UNCLES WHO HELP HIM A LOT IN HIS DEVELOPMENT GREGORIO – reading of books JOSE – artistic abilityMANUEL– develop his frail body CHAPTER III: SCHOOL DAYS IN BIÑAN

3. HERO’S FIRST TEACHER DOÑA TEODORA ALONZO REALONDA - Jose Rizal’s mother and her first non – formal teacher - At 3 years old he learned the alphabet and prayers 3...
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