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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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a) Characters of El Filibusterismo 
i. Simoun – rich jewelery
ii. Doña Victorina – ridiculously pro-Spanish native woman iii. Tiburcio de Espadaña – husband of Doña Victorina iv. Paulita Gomez – beautiful niece of Doña Victorina
v. Ben-Zayb – Spanish journalist, who writes silly articles about Filipinos vi. Padre Sibyla – Vice-Rector of the University of Santo Tomas vii. Padre Camorra – Parish priest of the town of Tiani viii. Don Custodio – a pro-Spanish Filipino holding a high position in the government ix. Padre Salvi – thin Franciscan friar and former cura of San Diego x. Padre Irene – a kind friar who was a friend of the Filipino students xi. Padre Florentino – a retired scholarly and patriotic Filipino priest xii. Isagani – a poet nephew of Padre Florentino and a lover of Paulita Gomez xiii. Basilio – son of Sisa and promising medical student xiv. Capitan Tiago – patron of Basilio Quiroga – rich Chinese merchant xv. Cabesang Tales – Father of Juli who is dispossessed of his land in Tiani by the friars xvi. Juli – sweetheart of basilio

xvii. Makaraig – a rich student and leader of the Filipino students in their movement to have an academy where they could learn Spanish xviii. Padre Millon – who teaches Physics in UST without scientific experiments xix. Placido Penitente – student of Padre Millon who becomes discontented with the poor method of instruction in the university xx. Señor Pasta – old Filipino lawyer who refuses to help the Filipino students in their petition to the government for educational reforms xxi. Tandang Selo – grandfather of Juli

xxii. Mr. American – who owned the sideshow at the feria of Quiapo exhibiting an Egyptian mummy. xxiii. Sandoval – a Spanish student who supports the cause of the Filipino students to propagate the teaching of Spanish xxiv. Cabesana Andang – the mother of Placido

xxv. Penitente Pepay – the pretty dancer and...
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