Rizal's Unconditional Love

Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, Sangley Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: August 5, 2012
Mi Ultimo Adios, the last poem of the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal is composed mainly of his farewell but challenging message to the country and the Filipino people.Our country, the Republic of the Philippines is a beautiful country blessed by God with favorable climate and wonderful natural resources. Every Filipino, being blessed by God, should give all their strength to be able to preserve and protect this gift, even to the extent of giving his own life. There, those patriots who fought and died with all their power and strength, those who loves his country's sake than his own vulnerable life, and those who fought with their mighty pen and ended in martyrdom. All of them have a common cause, to serve his countrymen. On the day of Dr. Rizal's Martyrdom at Bagumbayan, he knew that every Filipino's dream of freedom from the long-year slavery from the Spanish bad friars and tyrants will soon be realized. But today, it's a different story but of the same plot. We, Filipinos, are free as a country yet still imprisoned by the political, economical, social, and cultural crises. It is every Filipino's dream to live in a society and a country as a whole which is in peace and prosperity, but the chain since the Spanish regime was not totally broken. Here we are, not a slave anymore but a nomad in a country of jeopardy. Our National Hero died and he was happy for the day of freedom of his country is nearing.

Out National Hero have a beautiful dream for our country. He dreamed of a country that is in peace and free from any forms of inhumane acts. The struggle of freedom is endless and should be continued even in the times that we feel we are in that state of being "free". It is what Filipinos think of what is happening today. We are the author of our own fate. The power is in us. Our country today is suffering from a lot of deadly political, economical, and social diseases. There are those political issues which keep on killing our economy and...
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