Rizal's Life, Works and Writings

Topics: José Rizal, Philippines, University of Santo Tomas Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Dr. Jose Rizal Life Works and Writings of a Genius Writer, Scientist and National Hero Chapter 1: Advent of a National Hero
According to the book of Zaide .Dr. Jose Rizal is a great person. Since his birth to the end of his life. Even in his christening there was a prophecy that he will become a great man in the near future. Chapter 2: Childhood Years in Calamba

At young age, Dr. Rizal has too many talents. It is because of the influence of his parents and siblings and his uncles in mother sides. The reason why Dr. Jose rizal rose to fame and greatness is because of his hereditary influence, environment influence and aid of divine providence. Chapter 3: Early Education

Dr. Rizal talent was discovers by his mother, sharpend by his teachers and became best students in his time. But in his childhood he face many struggle by chance like the martyrdom of GUMBURZA and injustice of his mother. Chapter 4: Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo de Manila

Even Dr. rizal is a small, thin and sickly he probe to his professors that he is a bright person and his grade is always par excellent. He finish letter and philosophies in Ateneo de Manila. Chapter 5: Medical Studies at UST

Dr. Rizal felt sad when he study in UST because of the most professors is against him. Even he is in UST his heart is still in ATENEO. Chapter 6: In Sunny Spain
Rizal has a secret mission to observe the life and culture, language and customs, industries and commerce, and government and laws of European countries. In Spain Rizal get involved in the state Demonstration that result a bloody riot in Central University in Madrid. Chapter 7: Paris to Berlin 1885-1887

In this chapter was Rizal’s darkest winter in his life because he doesn’t have any money to support his needs. Thanks to his friend Viola who loan and save Rizal in poverty. Chapter 8: Noli Me Tangere
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