Rizal's Early Childhood

Topics: José Rizal, Laguna, Philippines Pages: 4 (1697 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Rizal’s childhood

Jose Rizal’s early childhood start in Calamba, Laguna his own hometown. He had many happy and beautiful memories. He grew up with loving parents, thoughtful and caring siblings. He spent his childhood at the lake shore town of Calamba with its scenic beauty and the majestic Mt. Makiling a few kilometers away from their home. He enjoyed the vibrant beauty of Laguna de Bay, a beautiful in Land Lake with verdant tall trees and plants that surround it. Where in the middle part of the lake was the beautiful island of Talim. And the on the far north of the town lies the famous mountain shrine of Miraculous Lady of Peace and Good Voyage of Antipolo where his mother vowed to the virgin that he would be taken to her sanctuary by the way of pilgrimage.

At the age of three his mother teaches him how to read the alphabet together with his sisters. Jose grew up as a good catholic. He takes part of the family daily prayers. When he was three he was a frail and sickly and small for his age. Because of these his parents and his siblings had given him their tenderness and care. When he was four he experience his first sorrow; the death of his sister Concha at the Age of three due to sickness. He really grieved the death of Concha because she was his playmate and he learns from her the sweetness of sisterly love. Jose cried bitterly and brought sorrow to the whole family. At the age of five he can read the Spanish bible and he showed inclinations to be an artist whiles his learning to read and to write. He amazes his family and his relatives by his pencil drawings and sketches and his molding of clay. He loved go to the church, to pray, to take part in novena, and to join religious procession. One of the men that he esteemed and greatly respects in Calamba was the town priest Fr. Leoncio Lopez a scholar. He used to visit him and listen to his stimulating opinions on current events and sound philosophy of life. At the age of eight he wrote...
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