River Valley Civilizations

Topics: China, Ancient Egypt, Qin Shi Huang Pages: 4 (1001 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Ali Gurewicz
A.P. World History
Essay # 1

The civilizations along the Nile River Valley in ancient Egypt and the Yellow River Valley in Ancient China shared many characteristics in relation to many economic, social, and political structures, though they also have some differences. Water, whether it be in the form of a lake, an ocean, or a river, has played a critical role in the development of any civilization. With that being said, both the Nile River and the Yellow River had civilizations that strived because of them. Economically, both civilizations relied heavily on their main rivers. They lived, ate, and grew crops around the rivers. In the Nile River civilization, their economy revolved around agriculture and needed the water from the Nile. Both the Yellow and Nile River civilizations would have “seasonal floods that would come in late summer to winter and would fertilize the land for the next season’s crops.” Temples were also a big part of the Nile River Valley economy. They were a place for people to pray, and give money to. The Yellow River civilization invented a highly popular, new material called silk. Silk was Exotic and expensive so it was good for trading with the rest of the word. “By 2000 BC, bronze working, silk weaving, wheel-based pottery, and paper-based writing were in use. Seasonal floods enriched the soil, which helped the development of farming, and the river itself provided a trade route.” Aside from trade and agriculture, social structure also revolved around both the Nile and Yellow River Valley civilizations.. In ancient Egypt there were many different social classes. The lowest social status you could possibly have was the title of being a slave. Most of the population in Egypt, were farmers. Farmers did not have the rights to agricultural produce that they grew. Instead, it was owned by a temple, state, or noble family that owned the land. Craftsman and Artists were of higher class than the farmers, and the Ruling Class was...
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