River Tooth

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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The definition of River Teeth is a memory or an experience that remains in us and is scarred into our minds. No matter what it is, it can be optimistic, joyful, loving, traumatizing, fearful, emotional, or infuriating. Everyone tends to have a “river tooth” in their past life time, because I know I do. My “river tooth” is very personal and normally I would never say anything about it. But I want the emotions to be genuine and real. Even though the time has passed and has not happened in a while, it is still stuck in the back of my mind. Making my emotions into a mixed emotion of fear and intensity. One regular night in the beginning of Summer of 2002, I was around the age of 8, and I was asleep in my bed on the third floor of my house with my sister. My parent’s were asleep in their beds as well, so I thought. Around one o’ clock, all I heard was a lot of arguing going on downstairs. I woke up immediately and crept down the steps to see what was going on. All I heard was yelling and fussing from my mom and dad, I do not remember all of the details but what I do remember I will never forget. I wanted to go back upstairs and go back to bed but I just could not move because I was so scared of what was going to happen next. I sat on the stairs just listening to their conversations and all of the things that they were saying to each other. Then I heard a heavy object break on the marble floor, this shook me up and I finally had the gut to go in and tell them to stop fighting. I remember crying so hard and screaming at my parents for being such bad role models to me and my sister. Their marriage had been nothing but a bumpy road for them, and with constant arguing. I remember because I was there for the most of these arguments and fights as they broke out. They were constantly fighting and throwing things around. Though no one got hurt. Emotionally, everyone was kind of tense and shaken. This caused our family to not speak to each other; we rarely had family dinners...
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