River Safari

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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Marcom Objectives for River Safari
Scheduled for a grand opening in mid 2012, the primary marketing objective would be to package the River Safari like a brand and create initial knowledge about the River Safari and what it has to offer to both the locals and tourists alike. This knowledge would be induced via 2 main methods: creating brand awareness and building a unique brand image for the River Safari. An initial curiosity would be induced among key targeted segments about what exactly entails the new River Safari. Being the world’s first and only river based wild life reserve, it would stir much curiosity among the public. This curiosity will help build and reinforce the uniqueness of the River Safari. Feeding this interest with timely advertisements would create the necessary awareness needed to keep both locals and tourists eagerly anticipating the opening of the River Safari. This would then aid in future recall and recognition of the unique River Safari, especially among the tourists. Since the River Safari is a newly introduced concept, it is imperative to create a unique positioning, brand image around it that visitors can easily associate with. These associations will be in the form of the experience that visitors go through along with other attributes as well as the benefits they are able to derive from it. These benefits will cater to experiential needs of consumers, characterized by the extraordinary sensory values induced by the River Safari as well as its rich potential for cognitive stimulation. The uniqueness of these benefits and the positive associations that result would create a positive brand image among the minds of the potential visitors. This positive brand image coupled with the increased awareness of the River Safari prior to the opening is the primary objective of the marketing campaign. | Existing Visitors| New/ potential Visitors|

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