River of Life Essay

Topics: Meaning of life, Trustworthiness, Trust Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Frederick Polite
September 1, 2012
Public Speaking

River of Life

What does it mean to trust someone? It means to firmly believe in the reliability of someone or something. But, what would he or she be without their reliability? Everyone needs at least one person they consider trustworthy. It helps make the walk down the path of life less stressful. Hence, be cautious who you put your all into, because it is something that is difficult to gain and so easy to lose.

In my childhood I’ve had several friends who are no longer what I would call or consider friends any longer due to them ruining our friendship by proving that they can’t be trusted. Lies and rumors to boost their reputation is what showed their true colors. It pushed me away from them. That saga continues throughout your life whether young or old. It teaches you to analyze a person’s personality and who they really are instead of who they’re attempting to portray. If that individual is constantly discussing other people’s private lives or revealing someone’s secret that they confided to that person, majority of the time that person that’s talking to you will do the same amongst others about you.

Although it is difficult to maintain, trust doesn’t always lead to a negative ending. There are some people that have a listening ear, a heart of gold, and that u can truly count on. My Grandmother is one of the strongest women I know and love. She’s filled with nothing but wisdom and constantly reminds me “You can tell me anything cause I’ve been down that road and back.” She has the answer to almost any situation, and without her confiding and giving me her advice through experience there’s no telling where I would’ve ended up. I trust in everything she tells me.

With trust, comes respect. If you show the people around you how much you can’t be trusted then do not expect for people to respect you. The saying “well that was a slap in the face” comes from such a feeling as being...
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