Rivalries of College Football

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The Rivalries of Arkansas and Alabama’s College Football Team

Dona Rudd


February 14, 2012
John Dague

The Rivalries of Arkansas and Alabama’s College Football Team

Alabama Crimson Tide college football team is a better team than the Arkansas Razorbacks for three main reasons: First, the number one team in the South Eastern Conference (SEC) is Alabama Crimson Tide, second Alabama beat the number one team LSU, and the most important is Alabama won the South Eastern Conference championship game for the 2011 season. The number three team in the South Eastern Conference is Arkansas Razorbacks. Arkansas Razorbacks football team was formed in 1894, and the team’s mascot name was the “Arkansas Cardinals” at the time. As for Alabama Crimson Tide, they were once known as the “Thin Red Line.” In 1908, Hugo Bezdek was the first full- time paid coach for the Razorbacks he came aboard in 1908” (“Arkansas Razorbacks Football History,” 2012). Alabama Crimson Tide History

According to” Football Hosts Arkansas in Southeastern conference Opener” (2011) “Alabama and Arkansas first met on January 1, 1962, as the Tide defeated the Razorbacks 10-3, in the Sugar Bowl en route to Alabama’s sixth national championship. The Tide won the last four meetings against Arkansas with Alabama’s last loss to the Razorbacks coming in double overtime on September 23, 2006, Arkansas won 24-23, in Fayetteville” (para 4). According to Steve Townsend, “The University of Alabama fielded its first football team in 1892” (para 1). “Eugene B. Beaumont was the first football coach at the University of Alabama, leading the team during the 1892-93 seasons. Beaumont’s team included future U.S. senator William B. Bankhead and future Alabama governor Bibb Graves” (Encyclopedia of Alabama, 2012), (p. 1). The coach for Alabama Crimson Tide is Nick Saban. “ Nick Saban took over the Alabama program after serving two years at the helm of the Miami Dolphins in 2004,” (Alabama Crimson Tide, 2011), (p. 2). He has coached the Alabama Crimson Tide football team for five years. Alabama has won 14 national championship games (2011), Saban “a three-time National Coach of the Year,” (Alabama Crimson Tide), has achieved success as head coach and has earned a reputation as an outstanding tactician, leader, organizer, and motivator” (para1). According to “The University of Alabama” (2012), Nick Saban was presented with the first Bobby Bowden, “National Coach of the Year” award in 2009,” (para 6). “Alabama Crimson Tide’s roster featured a nation’s best of 13 players who had already graduated in 2009,” from The University of Alabama, and continued to play for the team (para 6). Nick Saban also” spent four seasons, (1991-94) as defensive coordinator with the Cleveland Browns” (The University of Alabama, 2012) (p. 4). “Saban’s first head coaching position was at the University of Toledo in 1990” (The University of Alabama, (2012). “Kent State University” is where Saban earned a bachelor’s degree in business, and” he earned a master’s degree in sports administration from Kent State in 1975” (The University of Alabama, 2012), (p. 4). Arkansas Razorbacks History According to Arkansas Razorbacks Football History, (2012), “In 1894, the Arkansas football team was formed. John C. Futrall was the coach and manager of the Arkansas Cardinals. The team mascot name was changed: to the ‘Arkansas Razorbacks’ after a game in time for the 1910 season” (para1). Coach Bezdek said his players played like a band of wild razorbacks and the students voted and changed the teams name to the Razorbacks, (“Arkansas Razorbacks Football History,” 2012). The current coach of the Razorbacks is Bobby Petrino, who is the 30th coach for the team. “Petrino is the only head coach in history to lead two different schools to their first BCS, (Bowl Championship Series) bowl appearance),” (“Arkansas Razorbacks Football History,” 2012), (p. 1)....
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