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Nowadays, people would feel stressed not only when they are working, but for when they are studying as well as they lived in fast- pace life. Therefore, they would prefer to have a good trip to release themselves from working and studying.

As living in luxury hotels can provide the best facilities to make sure you enjoy it when you are staying in here (Rivera n.d.). In Ritz-Carlton hotel, ‘to provide the finest personal service for our guests’ is one of their basics which are intended to meet the four basic needs of customer service (Sucher & Mcmanus, 2005). Those above are involved in 2 needs which are to be comfortable and to feel important. As the customers have physical comfort. In addition, ego and self-esteem are noticed as one of important customer needs by luxury hotels. In order to make full use of customers’ feedback in promoting of business, Ritz-Carlton hotel do has a GIA form which is represented to guest incident action to analyse their disadvantage. To make sure they ‘never lost a guest’, let consumers feel comfortable and to be understood (Sucher & Mcmanus, 2005). In addition, they have The Gold Standard to maximise customer satisfaction. Michellis’ coffee shop provides seats for customers while they are waiting which makes consumers feel to be comfortable. Moreover, in Business Island Scenario, greeting customers when they are coming or leaving our shop which makes them feel welcome is one of the requirements of all staffs. Employees are trained by professional people every month to make sure they can maximise customer satisfaction.

According to Sucher & Mcmanus (2005), The Ritz-Carlton would compare occupancy rate, average daily rate and revenue per available room with their strong competitor-Four Seasons. By comparing with their main competitor, they would know where they should improve and enhance. Furthermore, Ritz-Carlton does compare the budget with each month which can avoid unnecessary costs, increase gross profit and net profit as...
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