Ritual of Communication

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  • Published : November 4, 2008
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After observing Carey’s “ritual” model one can wonder how does communication relate to the “maintenance of society in time”? Communication is the method where one produces reality by creating symbolic models or representations that give the collective experience of the world a meaningful form; one can accomplish this method through art, religion, and communication itself. These rituals create and maintain communities across time, they create spiritual connections furthermore bringing people together in harmony and recreating and repairing connections as needed to maintain that harmony. Although Carey’s ritual model is known as a method that maintains society in time and the representation of shared beliefs, it doesn’t simply cut out the transmitting of messages; in fact most rituals include an instrumental purpose. Perhaps one of the most important sources of communication through the ritual model is art. It is expressed within societies in many different forms; mythology can be considered a form of art, and a ritual; it has revealed to the modern world a new source of communication within ones imagination, and has unravelled the fictional side of communication. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians are the two biggest mythical communities in the world; they have brought archaeologist writers and painters together to study their ceremonies and have shared their experiences with the modern world through art, take the great pyramids for example they have been one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world for thousands of years bringing people in from around the world to form a community around shared beliefs. No matter what the genre music is another form of art which brings people closer within a community, it has held ceremonies and millions of people around the world have participated and shared an experience which gives them a sense of community across time. Art galleries have also united communities; they contain pieces of work from...
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