Ritual Advertisment

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Ritual Advertising
Advertising is a form of media that is used in order to influence people to purchase or support products and/or services. Advertisements have become quite common with the rise of the 20th century. There are many forms of advertisements used in today's society. Some forms of advertisements used today include: Television ads, Radio ads, Print ads, and Online ads. The most common form of advertisements used are Television ads. With the emergence of the 21st century, Online ads are slowly beginning to overtake Television ads. Over time, the amount of money spent on advertising has been increasing. From 2007 to 2009, total advertising costs in the U.S increased by over $200 billion dollars. Normally, advertisements communicate to the consumer how the product would benefit them. However, there are some advertisements that use unconventional methods of marketing. One of these types of advertising methods is using rituals.

Before proceeding into Ritual advertising, understanding the term ritual is key. A ritual is a set of actions, which are often thought to have a symbolic meaning. These actions are usually facilitated by different groups of people; these people being divided into groups by religion, race, gender, etc. By incorporating a ritual with a product, a company is able to expand the way the public receives their product (Advertising in context). Over time some rituals becomes almost sacred, and are upheld strictly. One example of a long held ritual, is eating turkey during Thanksgiving holiday. There are many different forms of Ritual advertising in our day to day world. Some examples of rituals are: Carving pumpkins during Halloween, dying eggs on Easter, and having mistletoe in the home during the Christmas season. Some companies use ritual advertising even when the product is unrelated to the ritual. For example, it is common when a Jinx occurs, which is when two people say the same word or phrase at the same time, that you are...
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