Topics: Jesus, Christianity, John the Baptist Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Ritual is a set of actions that usually have symbolic meaning. It mostly appeared in organizations with systematic structure, especially in religion. If others do not realize what is the meaning of the ritual they have seen, those actions will seem to be unreasonable and arbitrary. Sometimes, the forming of ritual could be chased through history. Almost all the rituals are used for ceremony. Let’s take Christianity as an example. There are two important rituals in Christianity that everyone must know even when they do not belong to it. First, Baptism. People who believe in Christianity will being sprayed to their head using water, thus other Christians recognize him as a Christian and adopt him into their Church. This ritual process can be chased back into thousands of years ago when Jesus Chris, the son of the God in Bible, asking his cousin, John the Baptist, to help him immersed into the Jordan River to led a movement of baptism. Immerse into the river is to let people admit their sins and be prepared for the hug of the God. As time changes, most of the rituals accept the form that sprinkle some water on the head. Without the meaning, others will think they are just playing the water, that’s all. The other well-known ritual in Christianity is the wedding ceremony. When a couple decided to married together, which involved Christianity, They need to being asked by the priest a few questions in the Church and recognize their marriage by the priest. Without knowing the meaning of the existence of the priest, people will have a thought that a guy standing in front of the couple talking to them. In fact, his standing represent the Church recognize their marriage. Sometimes, ritual of a organization help people notice the existence of the organization.
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