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To be preferred provider of quality and affordable healthcare solutions in the region.

To provide our partners truly affordable and quality healthcare solutions •PATIENT
To make our products and services available to majority of households. •DOCTORS AND ALLIED PROFESSIONALS
To enrich the profession of our partners in the medical community by helping them achieve patient compliance. •TRADE
To build lasting, productive and value adding partnership by contributing to their growth and continuity of business. •EMPLOYEES
To be preferred source of dynamic talents in the corporate organization. •COMMUNITY
To be the vehicle in fulfilling the social commitment of Unilab to the Filipino people. •TO THE SHAREHOLDERS
To be the biggest market share contributor in the Pharma Business of Unilab.

We promote a strong culture and environment of mutual respect for our employees. I-ntegrity
We demand of ourselves and others the highest standards of honesty, ethical behavior, fairness and spirituality. T-enacity
We are the trailblazers in making available to the entire Filipino nation economically priced quality medicines, relentlessly pursuing this noble goal. E-xcellence
We will continuously pursue new innovative ways to improve the performance of our business to become the best in what we do. M-utual Interdependency “Bayanihan”
We value teamwork by working together with trust and confidence. We will build superior relationships with all our partners. E-mpathy
We understand with compassion the needs and concerns of our colleagues and our partners. D-iscipline
We faster the practice of discipline with ourselves and the organization

Table 1.Evaluation Matrix of RiteMed’s Mission Statement.

Concern for Survival, Growth, ProfitabilityYes
Concern for Public ImageYes
Concern for EmployeesYes

Table 2.RiteMed: External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix
Key External FactorsWeightRatingWeighted Score

1.Lagundi and Sambong, for renal problems, are two of the 10 medicinal plants recognized by the DOH to have medicinal value.0.0840.32 2.RiteMed is partnering with government agencies and a school-based drug research agency to come up with more herbal medicines.0.0740.28 3.Growing demand for alternative medicine.0.0830.24

4.The global market for natural products is growing by at least 12% annually.0.0820.16 5.RA No. 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines acknowledges herbal plant as a legitimate drug. .0.0740.28 6.Unilab is also studying how to replicate the RiteMed model in other countries where it has operations. Emerging markets such as Cambodia and Vietnam, where poverty remains a problem and basic health services are not as effective and efficient as compared to other Southeast Asian countries, would benefit tremendously; Replication would also offer an opportunity for Unilab to grow.0.0620.12 7.There was a huge demand for quality, low-cost drugs.0.0830.24 8.Ongoing advocacy campaign to exercise the option to choose generic drugs. 0.0630.18 THREATS

1.Pascual is among the first to pioneer in the generic drugs market.0.0740.28 2.Generic drugs earned a bad reputation in the Philippines. They became synonymous with low-quality or ineffective medicines.0.0840.32

3.The Government employed a drug importation
programme focused on a 50-percent price reduction of essential drugs from 2001 prices, to be made available in government hospitals and Department of Health Botikang Bayan using generic products imported from India.0.0720.14 4.Competition increasing, both domestically and regionally.0.0820.16 5.Threat from the country’s significant counterfeit drug industry.0.0620.12 6.Increase in risks and costs of research and development0.0620.12 Total...
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