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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Rite Aid Corporation (Case 22)
The following is a general environmental analysis of the Rite Aid the business sector of the retail pharmacy industry, with an analysis of Rite Aid. The first section of this report will cover an overview of the trends in technology demographics, economics, political/legal, and social/cultural-global. The second section of this report will cover porter’s five forces, Competitive analysis, internal analysis and alternative strategies.

Smartphones has made our life easier. We can use internet wherever we are. For the growing ranks of on-the-go shoppers who carry mobile smartphones, Rite Aid has launched an official mobile app offering one-click prescription refill scanning, locations and features of the nearest Rite Aid stores, and weekly sale and promotion listings. Rite Aid apps is available now for free for Android and iPhone operating system. Socio-cultural and Global:

Rite Aid is becoming popular and it the third largest drugstore retailer in the US. Rite Aid has 4,800 locations in 31 US states. Rite Aid locations are mostly in East coast and to expand their business to the west. Rite Aid has small chain business such as GNC.

Rite Aid has 4,800 locations in 31 states operates mainly in east coast and west coast. Rite Aid sales over the counter medicine, personal care items. Rite Aid currently claims over 11.4 % of the US pharmacy retailing market and Rite Aid is rising up after a big debt problem and also executive and financial problem. Economy:

After the recession the economy of USA seems to be in a stable position and slowly gaining, but within the pharmacy relating industry competition is really high which is a problem for Rite Aid and also for other pharmacy companies. Due to recession people are looking for low price medications or people get their medicine from other countries where they can find low price medications. Political/ Legal:

Rite Aid faces market place...
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