Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption

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  • Published : December 7, 2011
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In Stephen King’s novella, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, it is in fact conscious and cognizant actions performed by Andy which result in his escape form the prison and free him of the of grave malice of wrongful conviction. Andy mindfully developed an advantageous, reciprocal relationship with the Shawshank administration. The passion from undying hope and optimism, in essence are his liberator. Andy’s qualifications, experience and knowledge play a large part in the events leading up to and allowing Andy’s escape. Andy mindfully developed a decent, reciprocal relationship with the guards at Shawshank, as it would aid his factored and intricate escape process. He did this first, by voluntarily accepting to improve and expand the Shawshank library. Andy’s willingness to help expand the library got him a decent reputation with the prison administration. When the prison’s administration and guards were on his side, he used their authority as protection against the sisters; a revolting prison gang composed of sadistic rapists who “were after Andy from the day he walked in.” (King 32) Helping in the library generally enhanced Andy’s relationship with the prison staff, which in exchange, allowed Andy’s prison cell to be kept generously spacious, him being the sole occupant. Andy succeeded to Brooksie's job, and he was head librarian for twenty-three years. He used the same force of will I'd seen him use on Byron Hadley to get what he wanted for the library, and I saw him gradually turn one small room lined with Reader's Digest Condensed Books and National Geographic’s into the best prison library in New England. (King 49) This conscious effort in turn assisted, if not made possible, his secretive digging of the tunnel through his cell wall. As a former banker the financial skills in Andy’s possession were put to good use. He was doing “the tax returns for half the screws at Shawshank, and by 1952, he was doing almost all of them.” (King 51) He quickly...
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