Risks to System Implementation

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Risks to System Implementation
 Categories of Risks
 Impact of Failure to Manage Risks
 Assessment and Counter Measures
Risk assessment and risk management are regarded as key activities during preparation, critical reviews and implementation of a major application system like a VAT system. The risks that may impede the implementation covers a much broader spectrum than that of the information system itself as depicted below.

The scope of the implementation strategy should reflect this fact in order to safeguard the system implementation. Categories of Risks
Risks are categorized in three major groups:
* Requirement risks
* Organizational risks
* Technical risks
The section also briefly describes impact, assessment and counter measures or contingencies which may reduce the likelihood and/or cushion the impact. Requirement Risks
* General uncertainties
* Acceptance criteria not described, or with no links to requirements * Requirements not defined as mandatory or preferred
* Formal description are used instead of prototypes to document requirement * Requirement-writers lack of understanding of the business area * Poor structure of requirement description

* Uncertain level of user acceptance of requirements
* Uncertain or unfeasible functional requirements
* Legal framework unclear or unsettled
* Administrative procedures/user handbook not drafted * Scope of information system (in scope/out of scope) unclear * Evolving requirements
* Interfaces to other systems unclear
* Application standards (if any relevant) not prescribed * Unclear or missing implementation requirements
* Implementation and roll-out strategy unclear
* Training requirements not defined
* Unclear responsibility for administrative procedures and forms * Documentation and help...
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