Risks of Plastic Surgery

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  • Published : October 14, 2006
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Risks of Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery has become an obsession in America throughout the past decade. American society seems to hold an incredibly high standard of appearance that rewards only those who are thin, young and beautiful. The pressure that is put on individuals to obtain a certain degree of perfection is somewhat disturbing. The media has recently given us, as Americans, nothing less than perfectionism to strive for. Television shows like "The Swan" and "Extreme Makeover" rely solely on using plastic surgery to change what is considered a below average looking woman, into someone that society deems to be beautiful. It is very rare that one sees someone of even an average weight starring in a movie or gracing the cover of a magazine. It seems that only those who are unnaturally skinny and perceived to be beautiful receive such opportunities. It is this sort of mindset that is causing plastic surgery to become more and more commonplace and widely accepted throughout society. My interest in the subject of plastic surgery has grown due to the constant pressure that is placed on women today to live up to these unreasonable standards. Teenagers, and even their parents, are completely enveloped in what society thinks they should look like. This causes self-esteem levels to be contingent upon appearance rather than value systems or moral codes. Although they are often downplayed in the media, the social, physical, and psychological risks of plastic surgery are very dangerous to a person's well-being. The influence that our society today has over what is considered beautiful is overwhelming. It seems so important to Americans to look their best at all times, regardless of the costs or consequences. Plastic surgery has become commonplace in the past few years that many patients do not think twice about going under the knife. For many years cosmetic surgery was mostly American, however, it is now widely accepted throughout the world. In the 1920's and...
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