Risks of Facebook

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, Social network Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Jodie Nunley
Mr. Kyle Taylor
ENG 1101 MW 12:50
15 February 2011
The Risk of Facebook
Do Facebook users really know the many risks of using this rapidly growing social network better known as “Facebook”? Every day people are taking extreme risks by using this extremely dangerous social network. Many users say that posting comments, playing games, and chatting with family and friend is just harmless fun. Users are oblivious to the harm and risks that come along with logging onto this social network. However, users continue to sign in, and parents are now allowing their young children to use this social network. Facebook users need to be inquisitive about the dangers of using this trendy, yet dangerous technology.

Is Facebook a secure platform to communicate with family and friends? Absolutely not. Security holes are being found on a regular basis. Facebook is not as secure as users think. People are unaware to how secure Facebook really is. When users get on this dangerous website, they do not realize that their information is being looked at by scam artist. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, victims of Internet related crimes lost over five hundred fifty-nine million dollars in the year 2009.(Weprin, Alex). Facebook users are now allowing themselves to be at the risks of identity theft and even the possibility of assault. Facebook users are oblivious to the fact that Facebook’s main misson is to get users to put out as much information as possible so it can share the user’s information with advertisers and scam artists to make money. Facebook’s security has holes that is allowing scam artists, and fake advertisers to get a hold of the users information. These scam artist are able to get information and then they use it to steal users identity.

Facebook users are extremely unaware to the dangers that their young children are in when they are signed in. Facebook users should be aware that there are rapists, murderers, convicts, and sex...
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