Risks of Cannabis Dependency

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Risks of Cannabis Dependency

What are the effects that Cannabis/Marijuana Dependency has on your life? Tommy Barnes
Prof. K. Bekker
AB PSY-101

Risks of Cannabis Dependency

Sharma, M. (2009, April). Determinants of Marijuana Use, Abuse and Dependence. Journal of Alcohol & Drug Education. Pp. 3-6.
The main idea of this article is the study of the relation of Marijuana use, abuse, and dependency. The idea is to look at how might a person first start using and some of the triggers that may influence someone into first using Marijuana. It also shows the scenarios that many people are put in that make them more vulnerable to using Marijuana. A key topic question that the authors are continuing to study is what makes or influences a person to do Marijuana. And how do certain situations people are put into make them more susceptible to Marijuana use. Conclusions that the author has on this subject is that Marijuana Dependency has become a serious and major public health problem in today’s world. Other conclusions made on this article is that tobacco use has been often paired with Marijuana Dependency and also that people in some situations are more vulnerable to be dependant on Marijuana. They also state that marijuana dependency has a major effect on your daily routines as well. The limitations and criticisms I have on this article is that even though there has been many studies done on people in many different situations and how they are more vulnerable to Marijuana use, you cannot base and decide who will try , use, or become dependant on Marijuana by just those studies. The direction of future research is to continue progressing. It is to continue to contract studies and hard numbers on what type of people are actually using and depending on marijuana on a consistent or inconsistent basis.

Risks of Cannabis Dependency

Stenbacka, M. (2003). Problematic alcohol and cannabis use in adolescence—risk of serious adult substance abuse?. Drug & Alcohol Review, 22(3), 277.
The main idea of the article was to search for the problems that result from alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use and dependency. It was also to see what the percentages are of people that use marijuana as a gateway drug to other more dangerous forms of addictions. Many questions that the author keeps referring to is what is the actual rate that if people first start using marijuana that they will move onto more dangerous substances for their lives and others as well. And also what are the behavioral and mental risk factors in using and being dependent on either alcohol or marijuana. The main conclusions of this article are that Marijuana dependency definitely isn’t good for your health. It only leads to a bigger problem then you may already have in regards to being a consistent marijuana user. The authors also conclude on that many different variables have to be put into perspective on determining the likelihood of marijuana abuse and the lead to other more dangerous substances. I believe that the criticism of this author’s article is that it has been almost proven that marijuana is a gateway drug to more harmful addictions. Stenbacka, M. also states that it has been found that frequent cannabis use is more common among young people from poor environments, those who drop put of school, engage in truancy, run away from home or commit criminal acts. I would agree with this statement but maybe not all of those factors are in result of marijuana use but is definitely a problem worth keeping an eye on. The direction of research for this particular article is that they will continue to monitor the use of these

Risks of Cannabis Dependency
substances and how they affect ones behaviors and what other problems can/will occur if these marijuana users continue to be dependant on drugs. But we do know that marijuana abuse does only have a few positive effects. And can really harm you physically, mentally,...
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