Risks and Hazards

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In sport we are always faced with risks and hazards; some that we may not even be aware of…! What is a risk?
A risk is linked to the chance of someone being harmed by a potential hazard. Risks are often categorised as how likely they are to happen. What is a hazard?
A hazard is a potential factor where an individual can get hurt by. A hazard is grouped into 3:
1. Equipment
2. Environment
3. Personal
When exercising an individual may possibly get hurt if they did not check their equipment properly. For example when using a treadmill, a number of mechanical malfunctions may occur that in turn put you at a risk of injury. These malfunctions may include the treadmill not responding to the keyed in instructions immediately or a more dangerous malfunction would be to stop suddenly. The chance of the treadmill not responding can be quite likely however the chances of getting injured badly are very low. However if the treadmill stopped suddenly and caused a person to fall backwards and hit their head or back hard against a piece of furniture this would naturally be more painful; this would leave the individual injured. The chances of this however can be very rare as gym equipment is always checked regularly by staff members. Another piece of equipment or gear that we never think about is footwear. By wearing incorrect footwear we put ourselves at risk and don’t understand the need to check if we have the correct equipment. By wearing incorrect equipment such as plimsolls we put ourselves at risk. The chances of an individual wearing plimsolls and for whatever reason slipping off while running and causing that individual to twist their ankle can be very likely as plimsolls do not give the grip that is needed during intense sports.

When playing sport outside we must consider the weather. When it rains excessively we must ensure that the surfaces that we play sport on are safe because they may get very slippery. For example...
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