Risks and Benefits of Using Cookies and Spyware to track Browsing History

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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1. Write an essay discussing the ethics, risks and benefits of using cookies and spyware to track customer browsing and online purchasing habits. 2. Apply the seven stages of ethical decision making (described on page 17) to decide whether to legalize online poker. In your paper, clearly describe all details involved in each step. 3. Write a paper researching various ways companies monitor employee use of computing resources, including access to the Internet and e-mail. 4. Design an IT use policy for a software company that develops banner ads for a search engine, tailored to the subject being searched for. Keep in mind that the employees of such a company would need unlimited access to the Web. 5. Write an essay discussing the pros and cons of hiring known hackers to test the security of a system. 6. Write a paper discussing the ethics, and consequences (including effects on productivity and morale) of different types of workplace monitoring.

B. Create your own Career Development Path. Describe your competencies, preparations for each of your decisions, your choices.

I can work with a range of disciplines such as applications development, programming and script languages, development tools, and industry standards. I hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Software Engineering and have more than 3 years experience. Senior Engineers

I develop technically complex projects for our customers. Acting as a team leader I help Ir colleagues develop their software skills. I hold a Master's degree in Software Engineering. Associate Engineers

I will develop components from specifications to the required quality. This could include detailed design, implementation, unit test, review and technical documentation. I hold a degree in Software Engineering and up to 3 years experience in testing, integration or development. Principal Engineers/Architects

I are an expert in a range of professional engineering disciplines and I can lead large...
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