Risk Using Macro in Excel

Topics: Microsoft Office, Security, Carnegie Mellon University Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: January 4, 2013
The Risk of using Macros in Excel
What is a primary security risk that user should acknowledge when using macro? Well I think that keeping control of the macros in the Microsoft programs are very important to the security of the user’s computer. From what I read in the reading and a little research letting the wrong macro get a hold of your computer can be a disruptive to your computer. From what I found out in one of the websites called ComputerWeekly.com Saran(2001), “ an advisory notice by Cert, the security service run by Carnegie Mellon University , has alerted user to a major security oversight in Microsoft Office” (para. 2). This was discovered due to a macro virus that was spread in 1999 to people using Microsoft (Saran,(2001). So with that said the user needs to pay attention to the security setting that Microsoft has implemented. Why is it important to educate users of these risks once their dilemma is resolved? Since the 1999 incident Microsoft has made provision to lower the risk of anymore problems. So needless to say it is important that the user be educated in the precautions that Microsoft has taken in keeping the user computer safe. Educating the user will not only let the user know why these security measures are needed. Like in Microsoft 2007 and newer the extension in the file name is added security for the user and the Microsoft program to identify trusted macro enabled file ("Excel Macro Security", 2012). Also the user will know not to enabled or disable certain security settings. What Type of support Strategies should be utilized to ensure risk are minimized? According to the article I read from the website ExcelFunctions.net. The steps to take are simple. In Microsoft 2003 there are four security levels to indicate the tolerance of macro to the user’s computer ("Excel Macro Security", 2012). This option is also in Microsoft 2007 and newer the user can also save the file with a distinct suffix at the end of the file name to indicate a...
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